Industrial Sewing Machine Reviews

You can use an industrial sewing machine for various things. From upholstery to garments, commercial stitching equipment is utilized for a variety of materials.

An industrial machine isn’t merely for those in the business of massive clothing production but likewise for those who sew.

Specific sewing machines manage to produce stitches and patterns that are more elegant and are of better quality than those provided by home sewing machines.
As quality and production are the selling features of industrial sewing machines, companies are regularly willing to shell out a fair amount of resources just to have a full set of the devices they need. When it comes to acquiring devices that perform different stitches, you must choose from the following methods:

  • Overlock sewing machines
  • Coverstitch sewing machines
  • Lockstitch sewing machines
  • Chainstitch sewing machines

Performance is another significant difference between domestic and industrial sewing machines. Because the motors of new alternatives are significantly more widespread and more robust than those of household units. The engines of industrial sewing machines are usually so large that they are located beneath the tables which the devices pause. Domestic sewing machines come with motors connected to their foundations.

Industrial machines for sale can help your repeated and fast sewing.

If you are the owner of a garments factory or a small-time modiste or dressmaker working in the house, you must find the best system for your financial investment.

1. Brother PQ1500SL – High Speed
2. Singer S16 Studio – Straight Stitch
3. Juki DDL-5550 – Straight Stitch
4. Juki DDL-8700 – Straight Stitch

Industrial Sewing Machine For Sale Reviews

Brother PQ1500SL – High Speed

The Brother PQ1500SL high-speed industrial machine can be great if you have large-scale jobs.

The Brother PQ1500SL high-speed quilting commercial sewing machine can finish to 1500 stitches each minute. Brother PQ1500SL has measurements of 25 x 11.8 x 14.8 inches and 29.8 pounds. This terrific business sewing device supplies a built-in automated needle threader, switch car string trimmers. This fantastic sewing machine provides a retractable table.

Brother PQ1500SL high-speed stitching equipment provides every little thing that you could need in a commercial sewing machine. This commercial stitching device is sturdy and dependable.

If you need a high speed and heavy duty sewing machine with a bunch of additionals and additions this one is for you.

Singer S16 Studio – Straight Stitch

The best sewing machine for sale is the Singer S16. The Singer S16 Studio industrial stitching and quilting device is a complex sewing machine. It provides all the function that you need.


This commercial stitching equipment has 31.5 pounds and 20x 9 × 14 inches. Some of the features of this sewing machine are sewing to 1600 stitches per min, automated digital string trimmer, an independent bobbin winding system, an automated needle threader, a programmable needle, variable speed controls and knee lifter.

One distinct function of this stitching equipment is its extra-large sewing area.
The variable speed controls provided with this printer enables it to be readied to run as reduced as 100 stitches each minute or as fast as 1,600 stitches per minute.

The Singer S16 is an industrial sewing machine. It is convenient among the greatest commercial quality stitching and quilting machines on the marketplace today. This industrial sewing machine is perfect for specialist quilters.

Juki DDL-5550 – Straight Stitch

This product is manufactured in Japan by Juki. This is a done in one device that has everything you require. It consists of all needed elements composed of working light, a cabinet, the electric motor, stand, table, and equipment head.

The Juki DDL5550N is excellent for stitching medium and also light-weight textiles and was synthesized to reduce vibration as well as noise which causes a much more comfortable operating experience. With a silent Servo powered stitching motor, this mechanical stitching device is fantastic for business or in residence usage.

Juki DDL5550N sturdy sewing device provides stitching rates of around 5,500 stitches each minute. It gauges 48 x 20 x 48 inches and also weighs in at 250 pounds. This incredible commercial sewing machine is powered by the powerful Servo motor that is only 110 volts and also quieter compared to one could think.

The Juki DDL5550N straight-stitch sewing printer would be the equipment for you if you were looking for something that weighs obligation as well as provides broadband.

If you were searching for a sewing machine to finish the uphill struggle fast, then the Juki DDL 5550N could be the ideal commercial sewing equipment for you.

Sewing Machine Reviews


Sewing machine reviews can help you find the best stitching machine you need.

If you are new to sewing, an expert sewer or you are sewing for your family, you require an excellent stitching equipment. It will accomplish your requirements.

There are lots of easy use sewing machine around. Picking the best one can be a stressful activity even if you have sewing knowledge.

Some sewing equipment from best sewing machine brands is useful for beginners, and some are useful for a particular activity like monogramming, stitching, sewing or quilting. Small sewing machines are useful for kids.

We want to make everything easier for you and we are going to clarify what you should look for before choosing or getting your sewing machine.

Best Sewing Machine Reviews

1. Brother CS6000i
2. Brother HC1850 Computerized Sewing and Quilting Machine – 130 Built-in Stitches, 9 Presser Feet, Sewing Font, Wide Table
3. SINGER 9960 Quantum Stylist 600-Stitch Computerized Sewing Machine with Extension Table, Accessories and Hard Cover
4. Brother XR9500PRW Project Runway Limited Edition with 100 Built-in Stitches and Quilting Table
5. Brother Project Runway PC420PRW 294-Stitch Professional Grade Computerized Sewing Machine with 3 Built-In Lettering Styles, and Carrying Case
6. SINGER 7256 Fashion Mate 70-Stitch Computerized Free-Arm Sewing Machine and Automatic Needle Threader
7. Janome 2212 Sewing Machine

Brother CS6000i Feature/Rich Sewing Machine Reviews With 60 Built-In Stitches, Buttonholes, Quilting Table, Hard Cover, 

This machine has pleased a bunch of individuals. You will certainly not obtain any stitching machine that has so many accessories and it is affordable as the Brother CS6000i. It is light-weight and also simple to make use. It is excellent for moving and also features a bring case.

There are a lot of functions like adjustable sewing speed controls, automatic threading, stitch selector, push bottom. Also, there is a bunch of stitch pattern to pick from that makes CS6000i a fantastic printer.


Brother HC1850-Computerized Quilting And Sewing Machine Reviews

The first on my checklist of the best stitching machine is Computerized Brother HC1850 Sewing equipment. Brother HC1850 provides the adaptability to do everything from straightforward monogramming, crafting jobs, creating patchworks, to including decorative stitches, stitching buttonholes.

You can find 130 individual stitches, which comprises eight styles of buttonholes, seven punctuation marks and eight specialty symbols, 55 alphanumeric stitching for best standard monogramming.

It includes an accessory bag that contains a lot of devices. This equipment is simple to use, incredibly light-weight. This sewing machine is perfect for quilting.

SINGER 9960/SINGER 9970 Computerized Sewing Machine with Extension Table

You can use it for many operations. Use it to quilt, stitch, do monogramming or sew with Singer 9960/9970 stitching equipment.

It increases of a small as well as catchy appearance which provides it an excellent result to its classy look. This computer has an unusual 600 in-built stitch patterns that include five alphanumeric font styles plus thirteen entirely automated 1-step buttonholes.

The Singer 9960/9970 sewing kit includes different buttonholes, stitch prolongation. You could manage the exact look of a stitch pattern with its integrated  Stitch modifying capacities.

The Start-up with this equipment is very easy. There is additionally automatic stitch, a beginning and stop button plus direct button sew options.

 Brother XR9500PRW Project Runway Sewing Machine Reviews

Brother XR9500PRW Limited Edition Task Runway is an excellent imagine the cash. With 100 distinct inbuilt utility, Brother XR9500PRW is a perfect machine that decorates practically anything. You must use it for making unique, charming patchwork layout.

There is a lot of features like fast decrease bobbins, rate modification and more. It is light in weight even your youngsters can relocate around. An additional excellent facet of this sewing machine is its ease of usage. The big back-lit LCD provides a one-of-a-kind flip-stitch guide and electronic stitch selection options. Accessory pouch consists of a lot of expensive devices.

The Brother XR9500PRW sewing machine is easy to use. It comes with a cover and a broad working area or table. There are numerous kinds of stitches to select. The monogramming feature functions quite well. The feet are easy to readjust. The electronic display screen informs you which foot to utilize.

When it pertains to the most actual brand names, it appears like there are a lot more options that ever before. Brother, Janome, and Singer are the best sewing machine brands on the market.

These brands do even more in sales individually compared to many various other leading brands incorporated. What is it that makes these brand names stand apart from the pack? There are a couple of factors included such as quality, features, and reliability.

You must first consider exactly how often you intend to use it. Read our Sewing Machine Reviews. If you’re buying a device to fulfill the demands of your small business, then you need to acquire a heavy-duty stitching machine from the best sewing machine brands. Integrity is an additional concern when it comes to picking a brand name.